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7/15/09 07:51 am - Birthday bonanza!

Well Monday was my wee family get together for my birthday.... It was great everyone I love together - drinks (mainly non-alcoholic), cake, food and giggles :)

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7/13/09 02:35 pm - Turning23

Well on Saturday the 11th of July 2009. I turned 23. And oh what a birthday it was! On saturday morning the lovely chris took me to embody massage for a 2 hour Swedish massage... After being poured out of the treatment suite and into the car we headed for the city centre.

On the 12th of July, chris and i will have been going out for a year, so to honour this, I took chris to H Samuels to get fitted for a lovely titanium band ring. So it's all ordered and fitted and it arrives in Friday :)

After this we headed to the apple shop to get me a cover for my new love - my iPhone. After a brief period of ooh-bing and ahh-ing I decided on a lovely bright pink case.

We then headed to the seaside - to Largs!

We arrived (after a brief arguement with google maps) at the stunning Brisbane hotel :) we stayed in the glen room - which has possibly the softest bed in the world.

We chilled out for a bit then headed to nardini's for dinner :)

We had a fantastic meal chris and I both had foccacia to start, then I had spaghetti with a sirloin steak an tomato dressing, while chris had a creamy salmon dish. We both finished up with a lovely bowl of ice-cream :)

After this we headed to the hotel bar where we chilled out and watched the sunset.

I had a lovely French martini, perfectly mixed and served.

After drinks we headed to bed :)

On the morning of our anniversary we went for a wee nostalgic drive... Stopping for ice cream along the way :)

We went for a bit of retail therapy in silverburn, and then headed back to the house to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was in the Alea Red Leaf restaurant in the Alea Casino at the Springfeild Quay. Booked through 5pm.co.uk. Although in a prominent position in the city, I would still class it as a hidden gem. With stunning panoramic veiws of the Clyde side, it truely is magical.

A little run down of the food we ate there:

Starters of: onion bread

Chris chose the salmon with a caper vinegarette,

While I had the duck liver parfait with an apple chutney and brioches...

Both were truley delicious and were fully devoured.

Mains: chris chose the chicken supreme:

While I had the seafood risotto with wilted rocket:

We also both recieved a complimentary glass of wine each with is stupendous value for money. Too full for pudding we left for the cinema to catch a film.

Tonight sees an evening of cake, wine and laughter with my beloved family...

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7/10/09 04:23 pm - Brewhaha

Possibly currently drinking the tastiest iced tea there ever was. A pimm's iced tea (non alcoholic of course) from the tea emporium known as brewhaha. Refreshing and rather odd combination of: tea (of course), lemonade, whole raspberries, sliced cucumber and mint leaves... Mmmmmm

On the subject of tea I feel a mention of my grandmother is appropriate here. A tea jenny to the end. There is always time for a wee cuppa, tea is the ultimate problem solver, cures ailments "drink hot fluids", calms nerves, a taste of home when you're not... The list is endless...

On visiting my grandmother last night I took copies of a few pictures of her and my late grandfather... I truley think they are a handsome pair... But I am biased...

Striding proudly down Buchanan st in the late 1940's with his " froche" on his arm... My dearest grandad...

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7/8/09 09:33 pm - iPhone and all that jazz

Well that's me more or less fighting fit. It's great to be active again and shooting. I'm currently house, dog and guinea pig sitting for my aunt. So till Saturday I've for my own place, and it's bliss!

I graduated last week from Uni with a bachelor of science degree in virology with distinction! Pictures to follow soon....

I done make-up for a bride to be on monday in the stunning location that is arta in merchant city in glasgow city centre. It was more of a fashion look than average bridal. A bit of fun before the big day.

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5/23/09 01:06 pm - HUGE Update!

Well, it's been a while hasn't it!

I've been a busy bumble bee - just finished my training and slowly getting my stabilisers taken off at 5pm.co.uk it's going amzingly well and I love it!. 

I recently done a photoshoot based on colours with David Kane and Charlee Cain - our colour was "yellow" and whats more yellow than a canary?

On Thirsday (21st May) I done a fashion show as a MUA and Hair stylist (with a bit of choreography) with Emmaline Design (Emma Bryant) I will be getting images/ video soon :)

I just recieved images from a shoot from a good while ago from my shoot with Sheryl Noir (photographer), Laura Wisinger (MUA and Hair) and Crispola (model).


Well thats it all for now :)

4/28/09 08:23 pm - 5 New Piercings

Where to start???

Last Wednesday I went to the GP cause I;ve had an epic sore tummy for a while, she took bloods, told me to go home and rest and she'd see me in the morning....

Thursday morning - I arrived at the doctors and she handed me an envelope and said your results are in there, I'm sending you to the royal to see a surgeon - I think you have appendicitis! Fantastic!

Arrived at the Royal, got admitted straight away and spent the rest of my day being proded by various doctors, getting tests and genreally being observed...

On Friday morning I got taken first thing down for surgery (investigative laparoscopy) which could took about 2 and a half hours - turns out I had ovarian cysts that had burst and fluid in my pelvis - but the fixed it all nicely and managed to keep my scarring to a minimum - one below the bikini line and a new designer belly button - with 5 rings in it - 5 new piercings! Although they come out next Monday... the surgical team were fantastic and sympathetic to my small weak moment just before surgery - I couldn't of asked for better treatment...

Got sent home on Saturday, sore but glad they found and fixed the problem, and I got to wath the Rangers game... although I admit I slept most of the rest of the day, and Sunday....

Went out yesterday for the 1st time to meet my dad for lunch - well - to attempt lunch - I managed some beans and the better part of a sausage... but still I was out - went home and slept again for a good while...

Managing to slowly eat a bit more now - although the foodie in me is tormented!

Got my follow-up appointment with  my doc tomorrow to find out the results of the sample cultures from surgery and a general !how are you" thing, might manage to go to Dobbies Garden Centre - hopefully...

I'd like to take a small minute to thank all my friends and family - Chris, mum, dad, aunty D, gerard, karen, wee jilly -  Your messages and prayers are well recieved and have helped me greatly in my recovery, I really appreciate them all. I really couldn't thank my rock - Chris - enough - he is my strength and a constant source of comfort and encouragement - without him being there day and night I wouldn't be recovering as well as I am....



4/20/09 03:50 pm - Random Update

Well yesterday I had a rather fun shoot with Mr Bruce McGuiness at Contrast Studio's, we based it along the theme of post war 1940's with a kind-of speak easy nightclub feel to it.... photos soon!

I just got round to updating my website with new images from Perfect Expressions @ glasgownights.co.uk.... here they are:



4/18/09 10:37 pm - Wine, Rambling and Fun Adventures..

Well yesterday saw me have a very busy day. In the morning I had  rather promising interveiw with GERA who has really helped me in my "chasing the dream" in the fashion industry - more about this when I have concrete stuff :-)

After my interveiw I headed to the National Museum of Scotland with John from Zoe Photography, it was really really really busy, it being the last Friday of the Easter holidays, it is a gorgeous location however and I will be returning! We decided to go for a wander and ended up up on the balconies at the grass market and in a cafe called the hub. It was a good adventure and I got to see a bit more of Edinburgh.

Yoday I met up with Sara Millar, Danielle and Shannon for a wee glass of wine and a bit of a catch-up. We're all shooting together on Wednesday which will be amazing fun!

I spotted this picture on Adam Matheson's blog of me and Crispola, taken at the Helensburgh group shoot

4/15/09 01:43 pm - Massive Update

Firstly, I haven't updated in 11 days! That is a majorly epic amount of time not to post on here - so bear with me.....

I'm gonna start on Sunday the 5th April - with my shoot with Les Johnstone, Sarah Graham of SVG Styling and Laura Wisinger. The theme of this shoot was based on the Japanese fashion at Harajuku bridge - a recent obsession of mine! It's so bright and colourful and fun looking that I couldn't resist! So here is a wee montage of the first set achieved that day:

We also done a series with a "nightclub" feel using ring flash - a first for all of us!


Next on the list: last Wednesday I done some Extra work on Rivercity - keep your eyes open for me on a screen near you soon (I cant tell you anything due to contracts etc), also I was on 1vs100 in the audience 2 Saturdays ago! Yey!

The Brasserie on George's Square

Just thought I'd make a wee mention on here about this fantastic place - We had a fantastic meal, the staff are amazingly helpful, the chef even made me custard! Book on 5pm.co.uk trust me!

Shoot with Mc Brian and Sara Millar - Monday 13th April

What an eventful day! Traveled through to Edinburgh to meet Sara at Haymarket and then drive to Glenrothes Camera Club together. This seems a simple task - but oooh no it wasnt. The car decided that a stone in the wheel would make us believe that the car was about to fall to pieces. So an hour later (after much tooting from men in vans - terrible) the AA arrived and assured us that the car would not fall to bits. We were on our way again.

We then worked for 5 hours straight in many styles involving a tutu, an evening dress, fishnets, a wig and a cardiagan! Images to follow on soon!! I would gladly work with Sara again - she has amazing skin to "make-up"

Hair make-over by Preeti @ JDH, Aveda, Hanover St, Glasgow

What can I say? I adore my new look - dark blonde with a gorgeous ash on top. I adore it. full information and pictures soon :-)

I will admit I was terrified - I've been platinum blonde for a long time now.... however it suits me much much better and is a lovely natural colour!


4/3/09 08:15 pm - A New Miel :-)

Well take a look at who you see as Miel right now..... because its the last time you will !

I'm making some important life decisions at the moment and alot of pondering over what I want to do with my life....

I'm going to start getting as orgainsied and on top of things as I used to be.... I know some of my friends are going - "eh? MORE organised" but yes, I confess this is me at my most laid back. I used to run a small buisness, go to uni, have a part time job, train in both gymnastics and martial arts..all at once... and at the moment I'm not as active as I would like to be ...


I am getting my backside in gear and getting back to my hectic lifestyle - because I much, much prefer it!

Watch this space :-)
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